Before you travel

Make sure you check the check-in times for your hotel a few days before you travel. If check-in closes before you are due to arrive, it's vital that you contact your accommodation to arrange check-in.

The contact details for your accommodation can be found in your MyBooking account.

The hotel will usually have your keys in a key box, and will be able to give you the access code so that you can get into your room if reception is closed.

On your day of travel

If your flight is delayed and you think you'll arrive at your hotel after check-in is closed, you should call the hotel to let them know. Your accommodation provider will then be able to give you instructions on how to get your room keys in case you arrive late.

If everything is running on time, all you need to do is arrive at your hotel or apartment, give them the name of the lead passenger, and get ready to start your holiday.

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