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What to look for in a travel insurance policy for your ski holiday
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There's a lot of personal choices when it comes to travel insurance, and it's all tied to what level of risk you are comfortable with. However, in this post-Brexit, still-in-Covid world, having a good travel insurance policy is essential.

When should I buy my travel insurance?

You should get it as soon as you book your holiday. This is so that if any illness or injury prevents you from going, your insurance will have you covered.

Covid cover

The realities of travel in a pandemic mean that having good covid cover is a must. The key questions to ask yourself are:

  • If I can't go on holiday because I have covid or are isolating, will this policy cover my lost holiday cost?

  • If I catch covid whilst on holiday and need to isolate, will this policy help my organise this and cover any costs I incur?

Please make sure you read your policy detail and are happy with what your travel insurer is providing.

Winter sports cover

Not all travel insurance policies cover accidents and injuries from skiing or snowboarding, so check that your policy offers this. If you plan on off-piste skiing, please only do so with a guide, and also make sure you're insurance will cover you for medical and rescue expenses in case you injure yourself whilst skiing off-piste

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